Natural Gas Leak Detector
Combustible Natural Gas Leak Detector Tester Meter Pen, Portable Methane Ethane Propane Butane Detector Tester Meter Household With Light Alarm and LCD Screen Display, Model No. B05
• Gas leak detector is sensitive, reliable and easy to operate; detects LNG, LPG, CH4, methane, butane gas.Show test result in PPM on LCD screen
• Three color light indication for different concentration level, Green Light - less than 2500ppm, Yellow Light - Between 2500ppm and 4000ppm, Red Light - excess of 4000ppm. We have three editions(send in random) for initial value when turning on the detector, 0ppm, 500ppm and 1000ppm. Which is not affect use.
• Compact and lightweight(0.22lb) and can be taken on the go; Powered by 2 pieces of AA(LR6) battery which were not included in package.
• Gas leak detector comes pre-calibrated; the detection tool is ready for use right on arrival.
• Please Noted: 2 AA batteries not included in package due to international transportation. The detector need 120 seconds to warm up before working, sensor may be affected by external distubance like all precision apparatuses, such as ethanol,alcohol, perfume, H2S, CO, SO2 and Smoke, please keep in mind of this when detecting. Read user manual for details before use.


Test Range: 0~9999 PPM Pre Calibrated Sensor: No need to calibrate before use Test Principle: Catalytic method gas sensor Gas Sampling Principle: Diffusion  Response Time: Instantaneous         Display: LCD screen  Power supply: 3V,  2*1.5V AA batteries  Working Temperature: -10 °C to 45°C   Storage Temperature: -20 to 50°C    Three Color Visual Alarm Indication, Green Color: Gas concentration  within safety level, Yellow Color: gas concentration out of limit, Red Color: Gas concentration severely out of limit


Q: Why battery not included in package, It's not worth money.

A: Actually, we are not think about reducing our cost for not including the batteries, the main reason is we need transport our products to AMAZON warehouse from our country, as we all know, international transport of battery is inconvenience. I n addition, the AA battery is cheap and you can get it anywhere very convenient, we suggest you to purchase the rechargeable type battery for saving money and protect our environment.

Q: Why the initial value show on the screen is a little bit more than 0 ppm, 500 ppm or 1000 ppm when turning on?

A: That is because the sensor can detect quite few combustible gas in the air, however, this can be neglected. If their is combustible leakage in the air, the value may significantly changed.

Package Include:

1 x Natural Gas Detector 

1 x User Manual

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