Activated Charcoal Bag 3x250g
Nature Fresh Air Purifying Bag By Allentian, Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber, Charcoal Air Freshener, Chemical Free Moisture Odor Eliminator & Removal Bags. For Home, Closet, Shoes, Car (3, 250g)
•PACKAGE INCLUDE: 250g x 3 bag, linen independent packing.
•INGREDIENTS : This nano activated charcoal air freshener bags is made by active carbon and rare nature non-metallic minerals including sepiolite, attapulgite, diatomite (rich porous mineral adsorbent ). Non-toxic, smelless, odorless, clean and environment friendly
•WHAT CAN WE DO: Strong absorption of odors, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, carbon dioxide, TVOC and other harmful gases, as well as second-hand smoke, moisture, makes air cleaner & more healthy.
•WHERE WE USE IT: Can be placed in anyplace where need air purifying, such as your car, wardrobe, toilet, closet, refrigerator, smelly shoes, pet cage etc.
•INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Our product keeping service at least for 2 years, due to the strong absorption capacity, we need place it under sunlight for 3-5 hours to rejuvenate and re-activate each month

Advantage of nano mineral crystal  when compare with normal activate carbon:

>> MORE FUNCTIONS: Nano mineral crystal can eliminate odors, formaldehyde,benzene, ammonia, carbon dioxide, TVOC and other harmful gases, as well as second-hand smoke, moisture, while normal activate carbon only works for odors,smokes and moisture.

>>LONGER SERVICE TIME: normally could be 3 years while normal activate carbon only works 5-8 months, that is because nano mineral crystal can be re-actived.

>> LESS CONSUMPTION, SAVE MONEY: It has been proved that the consumption of activated carbon per unit area is 200g, while nano crystal minerals only need 25g.

   How to test whether it is works or not?  Let us do following small tests:

 Test 1: Smoking contrast test, one bottle filled with some of our products, another bottle not, and then spit smoke into the bottles, tighten the caps, comparing the smoke concentration of these two bottles after a few minutes.

Test 2: Select a professional digital formaldehyde detector to check the formaldehyde concentration in the drawer or cabinet with pollution release,then put some bags in, you can quickly detect the product adsorption effect within 1-2 hours.

   We promise: If it is not work as we stated here, feel free to contact us for your money back, we   always care our customer.

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